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Education Borrowing Calculator

education calculator Here’s a useful calculator from CIBC that calculates repayments on their educational line of credit product.


Consumerology Report

Consumerology Report

What Canadian consumers are thinking and doing in 2013.


The Cost of Learning in Canada

The Cost of Learning in Canada

Getting a university education is becoming less and less affordable. Since 1990, average tuition fees in Canada have increased three times more than the rate of inflation. As classes begin this fall, which provinces are telling students to take a hike?


Federal Budget 2013 Scorecard

Federal Budget 2013 Scorecard

CGA-Canada made a number of recommendations to the federal government in the areas of government finances, taxation, skills & training, as well as growth & innovation.
Here is how Budget 2013 measure up from CGA-Canada’s perspective.


Mean Debt per Debtor

Mean Debt per Debtor

Canadian Mean Debt per Debtor – a whopping $114,400


Women Still Lag Behind in Financial Planning

Women Still Lag Behind in Financial Planning

Women are graduating from university in greater numbers than men, have an ever-growing presence in the workforce and their employment income is increasing at a much faster pace. But they still fall behind when it comes to feeling confident in their financial plans.


Financial Education in the Workplace [infographic]

Financial Education in the Workplace [infographic]

Canadian workers and their views on financial education in the workplace

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