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Top 3 Money Mistakes Couples Make


Now money mistakes happen. Have you committed one of the big three?

Update: The embedded video kept breaking so I replaced it with a link.

Thanks to Yahoo Finance and their #MoneyMinute, even though its actually 3 minutes.



5 Money Questions You Should Ask Before Tying The Knot


About to tie the knot? Mary Schwager of wrote a great piece to help give you some advice on how to manage your money.

You know this one: Struggles, arguments and disagreements about finances are among the most common reasons couples break up. If you are a saver and your love is a not-so-better half when it comes to spending money, that can be a recipe for relationship disaster.

How do you know what you’re getting into before you say “I do”? Money expert and financial adviser Margie Baldock, author of The Mother Lode Manifesto, says when it comes to your financial health, selecting the right partner is the most important decision you can make. “The wrong partner, financially speaking, can mean a life of stress, struggle and strain. It is no wonder, then, that 80 percent of divorce is believed to be based upon money disputes.”

Baldock recommends you not walk down that aisle until you’ve asked, discussed and are satisfied with how your partner answers these very important five money questions:


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