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Being Healthy on a Budget


Eating healthy and living on a budget are two things that generally don’t go together. But that is why I’m here. IvyHealthHub has some advice on how to slim down on your waist while on a slim budget.

Welcome to the New Year!!! 2014 is your year!! So, I want to try and make it just a little bit easier for you; let’s try eating healthier on a budget.

Who doesn’t like to save a dollar here or there, but now you can do it in a healthy way! With the right adjustments it is possible to enjoy healthy food for cheap!  Here are some tips to help you on your way:

Plan your meals ahead of time

Take a couple minutes to sit down on the weekend and plan out your meals for the next seven to fourteen days. Also, be sure to write out your shopping list and stick to it. This way, when you are at the store you won’t stray from your list and will help keep you on budget.

Try to cook and buy in bulk

Cooking in bulk help keeps the week easy-flowing. You can either cook a meal early in the week or freeze the other half for another week. You also can separate leftovers from Monday night’s dinner to have for lunch Wednesday and Friday. In addition, you can use leftover proteins or broths for another meal. You can put left over protein over a salad, or in with a bag of frozen vegetables and make a nice higher- protein food to make a healthier stir-fry. However, you may need to be creative with your spices. You may be surprised how many foods with different flavors go well together.

Before shopping, look for the best prices for the groceries on your list

Check all local ads for grocery stores and/or try to find a farmers’ market or produce store. Don’t forget to clip your coupon, sign up for customer loyalty cards, and also remember to compare the generic brand to the national leading brands. Doing a little homework can save you a lot!

When purchasing food, look towards produce that is in-season and buying in bulk if your budget allows for it

You can purchase plastic baggies and freeze what you are not going to use during the week. Buying fruits and veggies in-season can lower the price and add freshness. Also, purchasing family packs of chicken, steak or fish and larger bags of potatoes and frozen vegetables can help you stock up plan ahead. Just make sure you have the space in your freezer.

Dessert can be healthy, affordable, and yummy all at the same time

For example, you can make your own 100% fruit juice popsicles with ice cube trays. Try freezing berries and grapes, or cut up bananas or peaches, and freeze them for a really refreshing taste. And if you must have your chocolate, break your habit of milk chocolate and switch to dark chocolate. When purchasing dark chocolate, look for at least at 65% cacao to reap any kind of benefit, such as those from anti-oxidants.

Drink filtered tap water instead of buying costly bottled water or other drinks

Buy yourself a filtered pitcher and fill it with tap water. It’s much cheaper then buying bottled water, soda or juice. One $8 filter cleans 40 gallons of water and makes it taste fresher too. Plus, drinking water in place of high calorie, sugared drinks will help cut your daily calorie intake.

If you try all these little things together, they can help make a big difference in your pockets and your waist!

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